Many different grinders exist for many different reasons. Each have their own pros and cons for using and Burr Coffee grinders are no different. We have written and indepth article on the coffee makers with grinders if you are interested Best Coffee Maker with grinder Reviews - Grind and Grew Machines! So, what is a burr coffee grinder and when would you want to use it? Today, we will be going over coffee grinders and more specifically, the Burr mill or burr grinder.

​Why Burr Coffee Grinders Matter

​Difference Between Coffee Grinders

So, let’s talk about the difference between coffee grinders and how it can affect your coffee. The grinding of a coffee bean highly affects the texture and taste of your coffee. The more coffee that needs to be grinded, the hotter the coffee beans will be once done.

The efficiency of the grinding will solely depend on the coffee grinder you use. Every espresso and coffee machine requires a different type of coffee bean grind size. As such, getting a specific coffee grinder is important to make the right type of coffee you are looking for. 

​What is a Burr Coffee Grinder

Now, what exactly is a burr coffee grinder? Well, simply put, a burr coffee grinder is a grinder that has burrs instead of blades. They help to grind coffee beans evenly to produce the best espresso or coffee. When it comes to burr grinders, there are two different types: conical and flat plate.

​Conical Burr Grinder

These are shaped exactly as the name implies, in a cone manner. The conical Burr Grinder has two burrs that are cone shaped and have ridges. Conical burr grinders will often produce grind sizes of large and small. There is barely any consistency when using a conical burr grinder, no matter what setting you use.

Unlike the flat plate burr grinder, conical burr grinders do a good job of saving coffee beans. You typically do not lose many during the process. They are also cheaper than most flat plate burr grinders. 

​Flat Plate Burr Grinder

When it comes to flat plate burr grinders, you have two rings that are side by side and face each other. Flat plate burr grinders are better than conical grinders as they produce evenly ground coffee beans. This will affect the taste of your coffee, so going with a flat plate grinder is often advised.

Sadly, when using a flat plate burr grinder, some coffee beans get stuck in the grinder. When you are trying to preserve or use the right number of coffee beans, this can be an issue. Flat plate burr grinders also need to operate at a higher speed, thus creating more noise. 

​Burr Coffee Grinder vs Blade Coffee Grinder

The difference between burr coffee grinder types is not as big of a deal when it comes down to it. One debate that is often brought up though is the burr coffee grinder vs blade coffee grinder. First, let’s talk a little about what a blade coffee grinder is.

Blade coffee grinders hold a blade that chops the coffee bean up. This blade resembles a propeller and does not typically yield even coffee bean grounds. The longer the grinder is on, the finer  your coffee grind will be. The sporadic nature of the blade grinder is what turns most people off. Your beans can come out either as powder, or as larger pieces.

For this reason, you will likely want to go with a Burr Coffee Grinder. You have more control over the grind size in the end. The grinds are consistent and you have better tasting coffee in the end. When choosing, think about the speed of the grinder though. Getting a lower speed burr grinder is advised as it is more quiet and provides a higher quality grind as it is moving slower and does not heat up as much. 

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