The heated debate between vertuoline and original line continues. Today we will be going over both sides and why you would want to go one route over the other. Either way, coffee lovers can rejoice after reading our article today. Some of the misconceptions and myths surrounding this debate will be debunked and you will walk away knowing more than you did before about vertuoline vs original line.

​Nespresso Lattisima vs Nespresso Vertuoline

​Vertuoline Espresso

The vertuoline espresso offers many things that would entice many people. You can easily enjoy several different types of coffee with this machine. No matter what drink you choose, you will be able to enjoy it at its best with great smoothness.

The technology used in the vertuoline espresso machine is incredible. It offers a mixture of both barista techniques and casual brewing methods. Through centrifusion extraction, the resulting coffee is smooth, aromatic, and has a sleek crema.

The coffee capsules that go with the Vertuoline come in 2 sizes. They both will allow for you to make long cups of coffee or espresso. With gourmet grinded beans in each pack, you will be able to taste its freshness in each cup.

​Original Line

Several different machines use the original line. It is perfect for those who want authentic espresso. Both lattes and cappuccinos are achievable with the built-in foaming system and milk-heating.

The extraction system with original line differs from Vertuoline as it uses a high pressure extraction. Using this technology, water can more evenly be distributed through the ground coffee. The result is a cup of coffee that is both smooth and authentic.

With several different accessories, going with the original line is never a bad idea. 

​Major Differences

Now that we’ve gone over each machine, let’s try and pull out the differences so that you can make a better choice of which machine will be best for you.

Since the vertuoline is the newer model, we will be focusing on what it can do compared to the original line.

Firstly, it is important to note that the vertuoline can produce both brewed coffee and espresso (there is a difference!) As discussed above, the vertuoline uses a centrifusion extraction. This type of extraction is unique to the vertuoline machine only. Both espresso and coffee capsules are newly designed.

With an intelligent AI, the machine is even able to detect which type of capsule has been entered and returns the most optimal settings for that capsule. 


​Going over the differences between the vertuoline and original line, you can easily see which coffee maker suits you best. Both have pros and cons that will benefit you depending on your preferences. Regardless, taking advantage of new technology only seems right. The new vertuoline is a well made line of machines.

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