​Espresso machines are amazing and a pleasantry for any coffee lover. Learning how to use an espresso machine is not hard at all. Once you learn, you will be happy that you purchased it in the first place. Today, we will b e going over a few basics for espresso machines. The ease of use and quality of coffee produced by espresso machines bring people to it.


​Using an Espresso Machine

​Common Terminology

When discussing espresso machines, there are certain terms that always can be brought up. No matter what machine you use, many have these similar parts.


No matter what type of espresso machine you have(manual, automatic, and semi-automatic) it will have a portafilter. This handy tool is sometimes referred to as the most important tool of any espresso machine. It stores the ground espresso or coffee beans before and during the entire brewing process.


If the portafilter is the most important part of the espresso machine, it can be said the grouphead is the second most important. Why? Well, the grouphead holds the portafilter. Some espresso machines contain multiple groupheads.

Shot Buttons

Shot buttons are programmable buttons that dispense water throughout your espresso machine. As the name implies, each amount of water is referred to as a shot. Machines typically have double shot, single shot, single long, and double long shots.

Steam Wand

The steam wand spits out steam. Simple right? Typically, you will notice a knob on it that will allow for you to control the amount of steam that comes out. Some espresso machines have multiple steam wands. 

Hot Water Spigot

This piece does what it sounds like. It shoots out hot water so you can make tea.

How to Use an Home Espresso Machine

To get started using your espresso machine, you will want to follow these simple steps!

Step 1

Start by pouring water into the reservoir until it is filled. There are two ways you can go about this. You can remove the reservoir and place it under your faucet to fill it or you can get a pitcher or container and fill it up first, then pour the water into the reservoir. Try to spot the waterline on your reservoir dso that you do not go above it. If you have a Best Home Espresso Machine of 2018! Top Rated Reviews!, you will notice that it has a water line that connects to the machine and will automatically fill the reservoir up for you.

Step 2

Now you can start the machine. After doing so, you can leave it for about 15 minutes as that is how long it takes for the machine to warm up. During this setup time, the espresso machine will heat the water up and also start to build up pressure. Depending on the size, make, and model of your espresso machine, 15 minutes may not be long enough to allow for the machine to set up. Simply look at your manufacturer's guide to get a better estimate for your machine.

Step 3

Remember discussing the portafilter above? Well, now is the time to get started with it. Since it is the most important part of making your espresso, you will want to try and get this step right. Grab a filter basket and place it into the portafilter basin. Now you can go ahead and insert the portafilter into the grouphead and lock it into place by turning it to the right.

Both the portafilter and their respective filter baskets come in different sizes. Each size will produce a different type of espresso from single, double, and triple shot.

Step 4

After inserting the portafilter, the water can be turned on. You will get a single shot. After this, you can go ahead and remove the portafilter. Turning the portafilter to the left will do this for you. Clean your portafilter off and place it back into the grouphead.  

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