​Coffee machines are getting a bit more complicated as time goes on. The improved technology is both helpful and confusing at times. This leads to some people not knowing how to reset nespresso machine. Since this is such a common confusion, today we will be going over exactly how to reset nespresso machine. There are a few things that you should be aware of ahead of time though. 

​Resetting your Nespresso Machine Based on Model

Depending on your model of nespresso machine, the instructions for resetting it can vary. Luckily, we will be going over some of the most popular and best nespresso machines so that your machine will most likely end up on the list. 

​Nespresso Pixie

  1. Shut down the machine

  2. Click and hold the Lungo button

  3. Simultaneously turn the nespresso pixie on

That is all, your Pixi has been restored to factory settings

​Lattissima Touch

  • Make sure your machine is on

  • Take out the milk container

  • Now, this part is tricky. You have to click this specific series of buttons without any interruption fast:

    1. ‘Heat the milk’

    2. Cappuccino

    3. Latte macchiato

    4. Lungo

    5. Espresso

    6. Ristretto

  • Now, you will notice the hot milk button flashing. This is simply a confirmation that you successfully completed the sequence. Clicking the button will confirm that you do want to factory restore your machine

  • After clicking the button, you will notice all the other buttons flashing. This means you have successfully reset your machine.

  • ​Nespresso Lattissima

  • Start your nespresso lattissima by pressing the power button

  • Making sure the machine is turned on, press and hold down the power button for 5 seconds

  • Once you notice all the buttons blinking, you will have successfully reset your Nespresso Lattissima. 

  • ​Why Reset your Nespresso Machines

    Some people may be questioning why you would ever want  to reset your Nespresso machine in the first place. Well, there are several reasons you might want to do this.

    Some nespresso machines allow for you to program your machine exactly how you want it. This includes several different aspects including cup sizes and the amount of water you want to use when making a certain type of espresso. After a while of use, you may have forgotten the original settings that came with the machine. This means you might not be able to make a certain type of drink anymore. Resetting your entire machine is very helpful in this situation. Just make sure to record some of the programming you already have on the device before resetting.

    Another great reason to reset is when you no longer want your Nespresso machine. When giving your machine to another person, they may find themselves confused with the custom programming you have done. Resetting your machine will remove this confusion and allow for others to use the machine as if they just bought it.

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