​Espresso is one thing that every coffee lover needs to try at one point in ther lives. If you have made the decision to try espresso, the next step is learning how to make espresso powder. Learning is not hard, you just have to make sure to pay attention to details and learn the little things before moving forward. 

​Focus on the Small Details

​Making espresso requires that you focus on the ingredients. So, we will be discussing them first. Getting this part right first will ensure everything else will go well.


​Most people do not think too much about the H2O that they use in their espresso, but it is very important. You cannot expect to use water that does not taste good and have your espresso taste good. You need to make sure to use clean water and test to make sure it is clean. Getting a water test kit is advised and will provide you with adequate enough data to determine how good the water is to use.


​To make your espresso, you have to grind your coffee beans. However, with espresso, your beans need to be ground extremely well. As such, traditional grinding methods will not work. The goal of your coffee grind is to make the beans look similar to a grain of salt. 


​When it comes to the temperature of the water that you will be making your coffee in, it needs to be around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Most home espresso machines will handle this heating for you. 


Each type of shot that you want will require a different dosage of coffee beans. These dosages are typically measured in grams. For a double shot, you will want around 20 grams of ground coffee. The more coffee you add, the more intensity and body you will have. You can always go by your own standards and taste preference as well.

How to Make Espresso Powder at Home

Now, whether you are making espresso powder in order to make espresso or use it as an ingredient in something you are cooking, you will find that making espresso powder is fun.

You also may find it difficult to find espresso powder. It is rare to find and when you do, it's both expensive and comes in large quantities. The components of espresso powder are ground dried coffee beans that have been brewed. The summary of the process is simply using the remaining ground from brewed coffee.

Step 1:

Take the grounds from your cup of brewed coffee that are left over and place it on a baking sheet. Spread it out nicely. Put the sheet into your oven and place it on a very low temperature. The goal here is to dry the leftover grounds out.

Step 2:

After a couple of hours, the grounds should be nice and dry. If the grounds do not feel crunchy, you should leave them in for another half hour or so.

Step 3:

The last step is simply putting these dried out and crunchy leftovers into a coffee grinder. Let the grinder work until you get a nice and fine powder. Using a blender is also a viable option here. However, you want to make sure that you do not let the blender continuously spend as this will heat the grounds up more and may even burn them. 

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