​Coffee is something that affects the lives of many people. It is only natural that some debates would arise from such a loved beverage. French press vs percolator is one of those debates. Both have their pros and cons, so which is better? When it comes down to coffee, one of the most important things to focus on is how the coffee is actually brewed. This makes a difference and as such, allows for people to easily picked a side. However, some still struggle deciding and some are not even sure why there is an argument over this in the first place. Today, we will be going over all of this. 

​How to use a French Press

​French Press

We will start by going over each individually and then comparing the two together. When it comes to the French Press, you will want to know how it operates. The basis of the French Press is having both the coffee grounds and water mixing together for a set amount of time so that the water contains as much flavor from the coffee grounds as possible.

One of the main differences between the percolator and french press is that when the french press is allowing water through them, it is smashing the ground beans and getting as much flavor out of them as possible. That is why it is called a ‘French Press’.

To use a french press, you start by placing your coffee beans into the machine and adding hot water. Grab the plunger and place it in next. Here, you do not want to push down yet. This is where you let the coffee beans soak in the water to get as much flavor from them as possible. As you let the beans sit in the water, you are increasing the boldness of your coffee.

After waiting the alloted time that you want, you can grab the plunger and start pressing. There are two different techniques you can use for this step. One way is pushing the plunger all the way down so that it holds the coffee grounds at the very bottom. This way, the coffee can be left at the top of the french press.

New iterations of this method include a filter at the bottom of the french press. This way, you can really get as much flavor as you possible can from the beans.


When it comes to percolators, you will begin to notice stark differences up front. First of all, let’s discuss the different pieces that make up a percolator. You have the basket, knob, and stem. All of these are placed on a metal jug that is known as the percolator.

Now, let’s discuss how to use a percolator. As with most coffee makers, you want to start by filling it with water. Try your best not to overfill it though as it can cause issues later on. There is a water line on your percolator that you can use to know how much you should fill it. Now you want to put the stem in and put your coffee grounds into the basket. Filters can also go into the basket if you have one. After placing the lid back on top of the jug/percolator, you can start to heat it.

Overtime, you will hear the pot start bubbling. At this time you will want to turn down the heat so that the bubbling continues, but you do not burn your percolator. This bubbling will push water up through the stem and down onto the coffee grounds. The more water that hits the grounds, the wetter they get. This will allow flavor to seep out of the grounds and into the pots water.

You will want this to continue until you notice brown water coming out of the stem. After that, you will know that the coffee has started forming. The darker this color, the richer your coffee will be. 


Both the french press and percolator have their pros and cons. In the end though, it all comes down to your personal preference. If you want a more rich taste, then you should go with the percolator. Its design is similar to a drip coffee maker and thus allows for the coffee to be slowly but surely made. With the french press, you will get your coffee faster as well as have control over how much flavor from the beans you want to get. 

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