Donuts go so well with coffee that it is hard to buy them separately. That is why the term ‘Dunkaccino’ was produced. Today, you will learn about the history of the Dunkaccino and how its creation changed everything in the coffee world. Bare with us on this one as you will enjoy coffee much more after reading up on the infamous Dunkaccino. 

​Dunkaccino Unvealed

​Dunkaccino are a drink offered by Dunkin’ Donuts that mixes both coffee and hot chocolate to create a delicious treat that will warm you up during the winter. It goes great with donuts and tastes amazing. It is full of caffeine and sugar (37 grams to be exact). So, be prepared for a sugar and caffeine rush after drinking. Sadly, the Dunkaccino is one of the unhealthiest drinks you can buy from Dunkin’ Donuts. 

​Types of Dunkaccino

​Dunkin' Donuts actually offers several different flavors for their wildly popular Dunkaccino. Below are only a few of them:

  • Strawberry Sprinkle Donut Dunkaccino
  • Frozen Boston Kreme Donut Dunkaccino
  • Frozen Dunkaccino

Most Dunkacino come with milk, soya, and milk included so be aware of that before heading out and buying you one.

​Caffeine Content

​A lot of times, coffee is ranked by the amount of caffeine that is contains. It should be no surprise that the Dunkaccino is pretty high in caffeine. A mixture of both hot chocolate and coffee can only yield higher amounts of caffeine. Along with the caffeine though, the Dunkaccino also has 37 grams of sugar. You will definitely get a spike of energy from drinking of these and that is saying it lightly.


​In conclusion, a Dunkaccino is a popular drink offered by Dunkin' Donuts that contains both coffee and hot chocolate. It is a very delicious treat that goes well with donuts and cookies. Keep in mind that it can be a bit unhealthy and contains 350 calories. Other than that, it will keep you energized and warm you up on a cold winter's day.

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