​Coffee keeps a lot of us going throughout the day. However, many misconceptions have arisen when it comes to coffee. For example, many people want to know does decaf coffee have caffeine in it. A common question that has a lot of skepticism built around it. That is why we have gone ahead and gathered information on this precarious question as well as many others that arise when talking about coffee. 

​The Short Answer

When it comes to decaf coffee, the short answer is yes, it does have caffeine. Although, the amount of caffeine contained in a cup of decaf coffee is extremely low. 

​Caffeine Content of Normal Coffee

The reason people turn to decaf coffee is because the effects of caffeine do not work well with them. This can be said for a lot of coffee drinkers. The only issue is, when you turn to decaf and still feel some of the same affects, you may get confused.

When it comes to normal coffee, a standard serving size can contain up to 165 mg of caffeine. The standard size is around 8 ounces. The amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee strongly depend on the brewing time and bean used.

Bigger beans  will produce more caffeine and lighter roasted beans will produce more caffeine. 

Why Does Decaf Contain Caffeine?

If you are not aware already, the FDA likes to monitor all products that contain caffeine. Decaf coffee is one of those products they monitor. The reason decaf coffee still has caffeine is mainly due to the regulatory rule behind it. You only have to remove 97% of caffeine from a product for it to be declared decaf.

This leaves at least 3% of the beverage you drink that claims to be decaf to actually have caffeine. The methods behind getting decaf coffee are quite complex. Many tend to use green coffee beans in order to achieve decaf coffee. In short, the bean is taken through several procedures to remove its caffeinated properties.

Since the FDA is regulating decaf coffee, the amount of caffeine located in it is minuscule. So, you have no need to worry. 

​Should You Still Choose Decaf Coffee?

​The fact that decaf coffee still has caffeine in it should not deter you from drinking it. For the most part, the amount of caffeine located in decaf coffee is not enough to cause any type of health issues. You can drink it as you have been with no issues. In fact, you will find that this decaf coffee will have much less calories than any normal cup of coffee will have. It is overall more healthy to drink. 


​In the end, decaf coffee does indeed still contain caffeine. However, the amount is too small to really make too much of a difference. The only reason it is still called decaf coffee and it still contains caffeine is because you are only required to remove 97% of the caffeine in the coffee. Regardless, you still should be fine drinking decaf coffee.

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